Quantum Cell Expantion System


Automated system for growing adherent cells in a closed environment, the Quantum Cell Expansion System is designed for multiple cell types and protocol flexibility.

The Quantum Cell Expansion System incorporates a disposable kit with a hollow-fiber bioreactor to provide a closed, automated, reproducible process for culturing adherent cells.

The system has unique controls that streamline cell culture and reduce the risk of contamination for clinical cell manufacturing. 



·  Scalability for increased cell expansion capability while limiting the required manual labor

·  Automation for easy and consistent cell loading, media exchange and cell harvest

·  Reduction in contamination potential via closed cell culture methodologies

·  Customization of automated tasks


Mode of action:

Minimizing the need for hands-on attention, the Quantum system provides an automated, closed environment for stable incubation and continuous cell feeding and waste removal. Cell inlet, media


How it works:

The bioreactor is comprised of thousands of hollow fibers, providing a large surface area for cell attachment in a compact space. Media and waste components pass through the porous membranes while the gas transfer module regulates gas concentration. Media and gas exchange is automated, keeping all processes closed. 



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