Administration Adapters

Origen supplies a variety of tube set adapters for cell transfer, recovery and administration. All are packed individually in a peel pouch, and are sold sterile. Case quantity varies, see the Table below. Bag Spikes are all 100% DMSO-resistant Nylon. Custom designs are possible with small minimum quantities, please enquire. 


Cryostore - Freezing Bags


The Origen Cryostore Freezing Bag is a safe, economical way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated.

The Cryostore bag has received marketing clearance by FDA,

is indicated for freezing of blood components, and is rated for cryogenic blood preservation and cord blood storage in liquid nitrogen. The Cryostore blood freezing bag is a drop-in replacement for the Baxter Cryocyte bag which was recently withdrawn. It is made from EVA film, which combines tough, liquid nitrogen stability with excellent flexibility, impact, and puncture resistance as well as good optical clarity. EVA has low water vapor transmission and good gas barrier properties, helping to preserve the integrity of blood components.

The bags are designed to fit into commonly used freezing cassettes, and in fact are a Cryocyte replacement for the withdrawn Baxter Cryocyte bags. They are ideally suited for cord blood storage, cryogenic blood banking, and cryopreservation of all blood components.

 Advantages of the Cryostore Bag

Hermetically Sealed Spike ports Fits standard cassettes Integral, sealable label pocket Rated for use in liquid nitrogen Latex-Free design Cryocyte replacement Self-adhesive lot label tag Different Tube sets available Needle-free injection sites available

Traceability - Matched Bag Printing

Each bag has four uniquely printed 100ul donor tube segments and a matching number on the bag. This ensures an exact match when the aliquot is removed from the bag for additional testing. A permanent lot number is heat welded into the tail of each bag.

Durability - Better Material, Proven Performance

The hermetically sealed spike ports and ­lm used in every Cryostore bag are made from a more rugged EVA than that used in other bags. The proof of durability is in our customers success.

Safety - Needle Free Injection Port

Standard tubing sets with an injection site now have luer-actuated needle-free injection ports. These swabable ports maintain sterility of the sample through numerous acutations (white paper available), and can eliminate the possibility of needle sticks.

Ease of Use - Designed In

The donor tube is intentionally placed in the corner of the bag for easier de-bubbling and sealing. OriGen can provide your choice of several stock or custom tube sets (see reverse). You can order multi-bags sets prefabricated to reduce processing time and the possiblity of contamination in the lab.