Bepex Company medical and scientific equipment Founded in 1969 by Bruno and Edna Pais, initially worked as a company in the field of science and in rehabilitation, Bruno's (of blessed memory) vision led him already at the first years of activity to new and fascinating areas that were the technological progress in those days, since the beginning of the millennium and after several years of training, Rami and Eyal Pais have moved to the company front and management.
Bepex company is now at the front of the medical world and as such represents the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Our company represents leading companies as TerumoBCT, Sorin, Medacta, Hamilton-Medical , Mindray, These companies, beyond the supply of advanced products - meet leading international standards as (FDA, CE) .
In addition to high-quality product line we in Bepex emphasis on quality of service in order to provide an efficient and quick both to private and institutional clients.
The company has an advanced technical service laboratory. The laboratory includes high quality and professional staff that provides fast response to equipment supplied by the company.
Bepex has a quality implemented and maintained management system complies with international and domestic regulatory requirements ISO13485: 2003), ISO9001: 2008).
Our company is constantly concerned about the expansion of areas of activity and thus provide our customers with a wide array of professional equipment in various fields.
Bepex Product managers come from paramedical background , emergency medical and rescue services. Each product manager and sales man is expert in his field, experienced and involved in events in the world in terms of both research and practice.
Bepex company brings industry-leading standard, the company's products strictly selected, imported products are studied in depth and are selected only after adapting them to Israel and to our customers.
Service, reliability and professionalism above all - The genetic base of the company!


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