מוצרי ELUTRA

ELUTRA – cell separation system

The Elutra Cell Separation System provides a standardized and consistent method for separating cell populations into high-purity, high-yield cell products.

This reliable device was the first functionally closed system to combine the convenience and efficiency of elutriation for monocyte enrichment — without preprocessing or the addition of antibodies. With a wide variety of options in cell enrichment, depletion and washing — all within a functionally closed system — laboratories choose our automated system for a range of cell separation applications.

How does counter-flow elutriation work?

The Elutra system pushes fluid through the centrifugal field of cell layers within the separation chamber to separate cells based on size and density. By controlling and flowing fluid in the opposite direction to the centrifugal force, particles are aligned and collected according to size (smallest to largest).

Why is elutriation needed?

A tube of blood separates in a centrifuge in the following way, based on density

How it works -

The Elutra Cell Separation System operates differently than conventional centrifugation-based cell separators that separate cells depending primarily on their density. Instead, the Elutra system uses counter-flow centrifugal elutriation to separate the different cell types.

(the specific gravity) of each cell type:

How does the system isolate specific cells in the Buffy Coat layer?

Isolating just monocytes based on density alone would be difficult. Blood cell sizes are more discrete than their densities. Sizes range from platelets, at less than 2 µ to granulocytes, at greater than 15-18 µ.

Using both size and density as separation factors increases the resolution of cell separations achieved with traditional centrifugation. The Elutra system uses primarily size and secondarily density to separate populations of cells into more specific cell fractions.

Enrich monocytes with confidence and predictability:

· Reduce risk of contamination with closed, ready-to-use, disposable tubing set

· Complete monocyte enrichment direct from leukapheresis products

· Use counter-flow elutriation for enhanced separation of cell populations

· Customize the enrichment process with a semi-automated system

· Reduce risk of operator error with user-friendly interface that guides the operator through system set-up and prompts when to initiate the next fraction collection

Generate consistently high yields of functional cells:

· High purity and recovery of cell populations without gradient solutions or preprocessing with antibodies

· Consistent processing of cell products in a single run with a unique conical separation chamber

· Nine flexible multi-step separation profiles for cell processing efficiency and scalability

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