PermaLife Bags – Cell Culture and Freezing Bags

PermaLife Bags – Cell Culture and Freezing Bags


Cell Culture: The OriGen PermaLife™ bag represents the optimal way to harvest, expand, protect and preserve critical cell cultures. The bags have received marketing clearance from FDA and indicated for use in protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissues. Made completely of inert FEP, the PermaLife bag contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals to leach into or alter delicate cell cultures. The PermaLife cell storage bag is commonly used in clinical applications such as cell collection, genetic therapies, immunotherapy, vector production and cryopreservation.

Freezing Bags: The Permalife storage bags can also be used as freezing bags for cell suspensions. FEP remains flexible at liquid nitrogen temperatures, and is unsurpassed as a cryogenic container. 

Uses of the Origen Permalife Bag: • Cell storage • Cell freezing • Genetic Engineering • Vector production • Freezing/ Cryopreservation The PermaLife FEP bags are gas permeable, so oxygen transfer to stored cells can be easily accomplished. However, water loss across FEP film is negligible, so water loss is low. FEP is chemically inert and contains no plasticizer, so delicate cells do not react with FEP. The PermaLife FEP bag is also ideal for long-term cell storage, because it resists freezing temperatures and cryogenic preservation. FEP remains completely flexible down to liquid nitrogen temperatures -196°C. Features of the OriGen PermaLife cell storage bags: Inert: FEP is chemically and biologically inert, so the bag will not alter the culture or the medium. FEP neither combines with any element, nor gives up any components of its own to the solution held in the cell culture bag. Breathable: FEP film is gas permeable and gas transfer rates for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen have been published. However, FEP is practically impermeable to water so water losses from the cell culture is negligible. Humidified incubators - potential sources of mold and contamination - are not necessary. Sealed: The PermaLife cell storage bag is a closed system, so the possibility of contamination is greatly reduced. Swabable, needle-free valves are available to reduce the chance of contamination and needle sticks. Optical: The PermaLife bag has an optical transmission of greater than 95%. Observation of cell cultures under a microscope is easy, and can be done without risking contamination of the sample. Thermal: The PermaLife bag can be used as a freezing bag, and remains flexible with no significant decrease in mechanical strength at temperatures from cryogenic storage (-196ºC) to high autoclave (+137ºC). NOTE: No polymer has been proven virus-impermeable. To prevent virus transmission, storage in the vapor phase of LN is recommended. Safety Features: Each bag has a hanger hole. . Swabable, needle-free luer adapter valves are included to reduce the chance of needle sticks and sample contamination. Cell culture bags can be autoclaved for safe disposal after use. The FEP Permalife culture bag remains flexible from +200ºC to -200ºC, and is very well suited to centrifuge use. Needle-Free: A sterile, needle-free luer adapter is attached to each bag. This self-sealing valve makes it easy to feed and harvest sensitive cells without having to expose them to contamination. The valve face is swabable and can be activated with any male luer device, such as a standard syringe. Catalog Nr. Volume, nominal, ml Volume, max, ml Ports Width, cm Length, cm Surface Area, cm2 O2 CO2 N2 H2O PL07 7 12 1 3.0 6.3 37.8 6.1 98 18.9 0.03 PL30 30 50 2 8.9 6.1 108.6 17.4 281 54.3 .08 PL70 70 145 2 8.9 9.7 170.9 27.3 442 85.4 0.12 PL120 120 300 2 8.9 14.0 252.0 40.3 653 126 0.18 PL240 240 900 2 14.0 19.3 540.4 86.5 1400 270 0.38 PL325 325 1100 2 14.0 25.9 725.2 116.0 1878 363 0.51 Film Permeability Table Legend: 1. Length and Width in Table are dimensions of cell culture area. 2. Nominal volume in ml: Freezing volume of bag at 1 cm thickness 3. Total surface area both sides of bag 4. Gas permeability is in ml per 24 hours at 25°C (Ref: "Teflon FEP Film" DuPont Bulletin E-80412) 5. Water transmission is in g per 24 hours at 40°C (Ref: "Teflon FEP Film" DuPont Bulletin E-80412)

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