Hemoweld – GUN



HEMOWELD-Gun is last technology of mobile tube sealers for blood bags. Sealing is automatic and to the operator is not requested to manually move the sealing handle as normally done with all classic mobilesealers. This automation is important toreduce possible mistakes due to manual actions.

With HEMOWELD-GUN once the tubing is loaded inside the sealing head, by simply clicking the start trigger, first the tubing is grabbed by two moving blades that have the function to lock it in place (anti over pulling system) and then, the sealing is performed automatically by adjusting the needing energy too: all it’s done in about 3 seconds. Besides, all electronics is inside the gun and that’s means lower energy consumption if compared to standard sealers equipped with coaxial cables to carry the energy. The lack of coaxial cable is also an advantage, being them generally quite sensitive to twisting (easy to break). The Lithium-Ions battery pack is external and connected by a simple and robust bipolar silicon cable, enough powerful to perform at least 800 sealing procedures when fully charged. The battery pack can be recharged about 1000 times. HEMOWELD-Gun can be used to seal most of standard PVC tubing with diameter up to 5.00 mm OD. Simple to use and clean thanks to its easily detachable sealing head. Each seal has a central breaking line to facilitate the snap-apart separation of the two parts. Anti-spark and overheat protection systems avoid damaging to the system and tubing. An audio beep together with a LED panel indicates if any problem is occurring such as sparks, dirty electrodes or battery level low. This sealer has a specific use: it has been designed for moderate duty cycle, typically inside a blood donations room, being capable to perform on continuous working about 40 – 50 sealing before overheat. HEMOWELD-Gun is a Medical Device with Class of Protection CF : it can be used on tubing with needle still inserted into the vein .

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