Evolve tissue culture

Evolve tissue culture

The OriGen Evolve cell culture bags represent the optimal way to harvest, expand and concentrate critical cell cultures. Made of EVO copolymer, the Evolve bag contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals which could leach into and alter cell cultures. The larger size bags have hermetically sealed spike ports.

Evove bags are closed system, which will reduce the possibility of contamination when compared to using a flask or bottle. The Evolve bags are permeable, and provide a high rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer to cells under culture. Additionally water permeability is very low, so water loss is small and humidified incubators are not required.


Technical Information

The bag can be safely uncubated at 30-40C. The Evolve bag has greater than 90% optical transmission, making inspection of the contents easy. Swabable, needle free valve are provided on every bag to preserve sterile access and reduce the chance of needle sticks. These swabale ports maintain sterility of the culture through multiple actuations (white paper available). The bags are sold with either luer connections or tubing sets that may be connected to solution transfer pumps. The Evolve bag is an economical choice for cell culture and expansion. Made in the USA.

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