COBE 2991

COBE 2991 – cell processor

The COBE 2991 Cell Processor set the industry standard more than 30 years ago as a reliable laboratory tool for a variety of cell processing applications. The increase in global cell therapy research, cutting-edge clinical trials and advances in laboratory operations all give rise to the importance of this straightforward, single platform with the variable spin times and the speeds necessary for automatic component centrifugation.

Designed for multiple application flexibility, the COBE 2991 Cell Processor enables high-quality cell processing with the controls operators prefer for reproducible results.

Use one platform for versatile cell processing procedures:


·  Deglycerolize previously frozen products

·  Produce bone marrow concentrates

·  Wash blood salvaged for autologous reinfusion

·  Volume-reduce cultured and expanded cell products

·  Perform cell concentration and media exchange

·  Density gradient separation

Gain confidence in the usability:


·  Rely on one dependable cell processing tool

·  Easily integrate color-coded disposable sets into customer processes

·  View cellular separation and exert control over supernatant expression with a clear centrifuge cover

·  Minimize training time, reduce need for technical support and lessen chance for operator error with intuitive operation

·  Perform protocols efficiently with automation or the flexibility to use manual controls

Deliver repeatable results with automation and established design:


·  Hydraulic fluid pressing against a flexible membrane expresses fluid or cells into an attached waste or collection bag

·  Agitation with processing solution to wash the desired cell components or remove contaminants

·  Pre-programming initiates variable spin times, valve selection for addition of another product or wash solution and stop options

·  Programmable memory stores up to 10 protocols

·  Flexible program allows changes during run mode

How it works -

The COBE 2991 Cell Processor provides operational reliability using automation for control and consistency:

·  Variable spin times and speeds allow separation of components through centrifugation

·  The agitate mode washes desired cell components with a choice of solutions

·  Fluids or cells are expressed by the action of hydraulic fluid against a flexible membrane

A reliable laboratory tool, the COBE 2991 Cell Processor includes:  

·  Centrifuge unit with a flexible diaphragm

·  Hydraulic system

·  Operator panel with program board

·  5 pinch valves

·  Red cell detector

·  Secondary control panel

·  Centrifuge cover interlock latch system

Achieving results through automation:

Automated cell processing with the COBE 2991 Cell Processor provides a high level of control for reproducible results:

·  Three operations per cycle (start/spin, supernatant-out, agitate/wash-in)

·  Precise programming of variable spin times adds automated accuracy and time-savings

·  Programmable memory stores up to 10 protocols, with the ability to make changes during procedures for increased flexibility

·  Three stop options: call the operator, or end the packed cells and re-suspended options

Separating with centrifugal technology:

·  Separation of product components based on specific gravities

·  Removal and/or collection of desired fraction

·  Addition and agitation of wash solutions to remove unwanted cells, debris and fluids

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COBE 2991
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